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Commercial PlyWood

we at Sharma Group deal with a wide range of quality plywood products like Block Board, Flush Door, Shuttering Ply, Marine Ply, MR Grade Plywood, MR Grade Block Board, BWR Plywood, BWR Block Board, Marine Block Board, Teak Plywood, and Laminate (Sanmica) which we Supply, we have carved a niche for ourselves in this field catering to the needs of our clients from various sectors all over the world.

Providing quality plywood and such products is the main objective of our company. Over the years, we have been supply only the best quality products and we are always bringing up innovative techniques and methods to improve the quality of our products. With the use of the best quality raw materials, and the latest machinery as per international standards, we have excelled in consistently providing quality plywood. For over a decade in the industry, we have been catering to only our domestic clients.

Waterproof PlyWood

Plywood is made by assembling number of veneers in a certain pattern to get uniform in both the direction.

In the process first veneers are coated with synthetic resin and then assembled and this assembled mat is hot pressed to form it into a plywood.

Now a days due to non availability of quality logs major plywood production is made in small factories, these small units are making plywood using mainly plantation wood.

In present days plywood is made by logs such as imported Gurjan, Silver Oak,Eucalyptus, Popular and some other African wood spices.